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Top 5 Reasons to Outsource Control Panel Design and Production

November 17, 2016

The decision to outsource control panel design and assembly needs to be weighed carefully. Outsourcing was once solely considered as a means to reduce operational costs. Nowadays, progressive companies are relying on outsourcing and electrical control panel manufacturer to not only reduce costs but to gain competitive advantages. Here are the Top 5 Reasons to Outsource your control panel design and production worth considering today.

Reducing costs is still the number one reason to outsource.  Set-up for in-house manufacturing can cost a fortune. Development projects require significant financial investment and demand the focus of many internal resources. Partnering with an electrical control panel manufacturer allows companies to pay for the costs associated with the product and not for any operational, technological or training and educational expenses.

In-house projects often lead to delayed deadlines, wasted money and wasted efforts. Outsourcing companies can establish milestones with contract manufacturers for timeline based pricing to mitigate and even eliminate project management uncertainties and reduce time to market.

Innovative automated control system projects often rely on multiple concepts to ensure differentiation in the market.  Companies may not have the ability to scale-up staff for development projects. Working with an experienced electrical control panel manufacturer allows companies to leverage diverse teams of technologically advanced engineers to develop projects while eliminating excess labor and engineering costs.

The high-cost and rapid evolution of new software and automated control system technology and tools can leave some companies behind. Tools and software programs can require a license or expensive user fees. By outsourcing, companies are able to utilize the newest and most appropriate technologies for their projects in a cost effective manner.

When equipment or software fails it immediately turns a profit center into an expense generator. Having an outsourced support staff dedicated to monitoring equipment efficiencies, diagnosing problems, and repairing equipment will allow companies to reduce time-prohibitive maintenance issues and maximize uptime.

How Control Assemblies Can Help

Control Assemblies is a leading electrical control panel manufacturer and control systems integrator. Our team has more than 50 years of experience designing, fabricating, and installing control systems and automated control system solutions for customers of all sizes and industries. We offer our customers the latest in electrical design, data collection, pneumatic, and electromechanical technologies to create solutions that address your needs.  From engineering, design, software integration, to control panel assembly, installation, and support. Our customers outsource and partner with us to provide cost-effective solutions with quality that is second to none.

Contact an experienced Control Assemblies Sales Representative to discuss your outsourcing needs today!