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Top 5 Reasons to Automate Your Manufacturing Facilities

February 27, 2017

In the competitive global manufacturing environment, more and more manufacturers are updating their facilities with automated control systems to improve inefficiencies, lower costs and gain market share.

The automation of various manufacturing processes such as product assembly, material handling, and packaging has allowed companies to mass produce products quickly, and with improved quality. While automation projects can be costly, the cost is often quickly offset by the benefits.

If you have been considering automated control system projects, here are the Top 5 Reasons to Automate Your Manufacturing Facilities:

  1. Improve quality: Factors such as repeatability, precision, and accuracy are increased in automated systems. Consistent and automated processes result in higher quality output. Processes and operations are streamlined and systematic which reduces errors and increases efficiency.
  1. Reduce costs: Breakage and other quality inconsistencies will be reduced, leading to less waste and lower costs. Higher quality products coupled with decreased operational expenses, allows companies to maintain competitive pricing within their industries.
  1. Increase production rates: Automation increases production uptime by allowing equipment to run perpetually. Weekends or overnights? Not a problem. Higher yield and faster production times will enable companies to quickly meet customer demand and improve fulfillment time frames.
  1. Greater manufacturing flexibility: In the past, automation may be been viewed as a one-trick operational pony, but the same does not hold true today. When automated systems are programmed and integrated, tasks and instructions can be easily switched allowing for multiple operations.
  1. Promote a safer, more efficient work environment: Automation creates a safer environment for employees by reducing or eliminating exposure to repetitive or dangerous tasks. Remote monitoring of equipment provides real-time data that allows management and employees to take proactive and preventative actions when maintaining equipment and operational schedules.

As a leading control systems integrator, Control Assemblies works closely with industrial and agricultural customers to implement automation solutions and upgrades. We specialize in system design, programming, smart MCC’s, mobile applications and more. To discuss automated control system projects for your facilities, we invite you to contact a Control Assemblies Sales Representative.