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Safe, Confident Operations with Hazard Monitoring

March 2, 2017

Hazard monitoring systems have been in existence for many years. However, many existing hazard monitoring systems are antiquated, improperly installed or simply have room for improvement.  Even today, there are 8-10 grain elevator explosions per year. These explosions result in facility damage and unfortunately almost always human injury and sometimes death.

Hazard monitoring systems are in place to identify developing conditions that could lead to grain dust igniting and are paramount to safe day-to-day operations. Hazard monitoring sensors should be designed, configured and installed on legs, conveyors, and certain bearings to provide real-time feedback and alarming to operators.  A well designed system will integrate these temperatures in to a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC), so that equipment can be shutdown to prevent a developing situation from becoming worse.

However, experience has shown that many facilities have unreliable, poorly maintained or defective sensors.  It only takes one faulty or misconfigured sensor in a facility to cause an explosion which impacts human safety and operational uptime. Regular system inspection and certification can ensure the safety of your employees and facility. Control Assemblies offers in-depth, hazard monitoring audits with highly trained technicians. The mobile project teams are able to schedule audit services at your convenience to minimize operational impact. Project teams work on-site to audit and resolve hazard monitoring issues.  They do this by testing each sensor to make sure it is reading properly and if shutdown interlocks are setup that the associated equipment shuts down properly.    The test results of each sensor and interlock action are fully documented and left with plant personnel so they have a record of the audit testing.

As an electrical control panel manufacturer with decades of experience, Control Assemblies believes that a functional hazard monitoring system that has been accurately designed and implemented is key to safe and confident operations. To learn more about scheduling your hazard monitoring audit, contact an experienced Control Assemblies Sales Representative by calling 763 557-9711.