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Control Panel Upgrades Improve Safety, Increase Productivity and Reduce Costs

January 31, 2017

One of Control Assemblies core strength as a control systems integrator and electrical control panel manufacturer, is working with customers to upgrade or replace existing control panels to meet a variety of changing needs. As leading systems integrators, we often replace or adapt old equipment with new technology to improve quality, productivity and safety – all at the same time.

Recently, a leading agricultural equipment manufacturer contacted Control Assemblies with an automated control system project to provide them with a new line of UL /cUL certified control panels. Along with necessary UL safety upgrades, they also wanted to update several panels to run more efficiently.  End users had been experiencing operational issues with equipment that resulted in downtime, leading to a decrease in production output. The manufacturer recognized the importance of upgrading their equipment to improve and enhance end user experience with a time and cost-sensitive solution.

Partnering with Control Assemblies would not only provide our customer the necessary UL listing requirements for the safety upgrade but, would also offer vertically-integrated services such as design, assembly, installation, remote monitoring, and reporting with 24/7 support.  Remote monitoring and reporting would allow our customer to give automatic equipment feedback to the end users by offering predictive maintenance and root cause analysis. By understanding the complexity of the equipment operations, panel designs and project scope, Control Assemblies was able to swiftly engineer, build, test, install and begin remotely tracking production times on the new line of panels within our customer’s project timeline and budget

The upgrade and on-going Control Assemblies support services made our customer’s products safer and will also help them avoid future equipment issues. The new UL-certified control panels will also help our customer reach end users that require UL certification, increase productivity, improve quality, and reduce overall manufacturing and support costs.

The upgraded automated control system panels are currently installed on fluid bed dryers and sizing equipment. They are also installed on gravity separators that are primarily used in a variety of international agriculture applications such as seed, fertilizer, agricultural bi-products and hemp. The separators and related control panels are also manufactured for utilization in the lumber, recycling, and mining industries.