CACO Services


CACO Services is a premier electrical and instrumentation contractor that provides installation, start-up, maintenance and field services for Control Assemblies.

Our services include:

  • Control Panel Installation
  • Power Wiring
  • Control System Wiring
  • Instrument Installation
  • PLC and DCS Installation
  • Field Services

Our power wiring capabilities include: 120 volt through 4160 volt distribution systems, 13,800 stress cones, motor control centers, control wiring , VFDs, AC motors, DC motors, lighting, general power and grounding.

We’re also specialists in analog and discrete instrumentation installation, wiring and pneumatic tubing, including: level, temperature, pressure, flow, PH, conductivity, load cells, motion switches, speed sensors, proximity switches, I/Ps, auto valves, PLCs, DCSs and UPSs.

Our communications wiring capabilities include: S908, Modbus, Modbus+, RS232, Ethernet, DH485, DH+ and Field Bus. We’re also experts at providing door security, evacuation and P.A. systems, closed circuit TV and fire alarms.

Our work crews are experienced and licensed electricians who have the knowledge and experience to get the job done safely and correctly the first time.